My love for thee will never cease
Tho the rest of my bones gave it up at ease
This love will never end like the shadow
It will surely find me weeping out of of my sorrow
You’ve told me about your dreams that you thought are so shallow
But I saw a planet inside your head that can’t be mellow
Everything was crumpled like the paper I threw in a water that flows
Everything seems so hard to accept for I am messy and low,
But love is as deep as the cross find me on the floor
Knowing that kneeling for a love that never hurts will be worth for more


The Little Prince


The Little Prince —
The prince who once love a rose and won’t get over her. A fox who want to be tamed for him to have a long time friend. Well maybe, being a fox is much better for me, but to be loved like a rose is good and pleasing as you can see it. But actually the little prince who is willing to go back home for his rose will be the best part. He met different people because the rose let him go and having four thorns is enough for the rose to defend herself. Yea, never box yourself just into one person because you might miss knowing how good it would be to learn new things outside your planet. Like the little prince, I’ll continue being weird, exploring the world of different individuals, asking so many questions and enjoying the life wandering about stars. To my little prince, I’ll meet you soon at the desert of africa and we’ll talk about the blackhole. I love you my little prince~

It’s a Trap


It just seems ironic that people know how to fall hard in love, but could also hurt each other without default. We all fight for the love we thought we deserve but love is as deep as the ocean’s thoughts. It’s unpredictable like the words we did not expect from people that the only thing we did was love them. But life is unfair as we became adult. It becomes complicated each time we chose to find the right way to hold that person into someone we thought we deserve. We expect them to be the prince charming from our cinderella fairytale who would find us perfect in the middle of the night when we try to leave. People leave when we leave, and only few knew how to stay. We are toxic individuals and tho we thought we’re the protagonist of our own story, we are actually the same villain who offered snow white the poisoned apple. We are not the princess who could get all the handsome guy if we have long hair as rapunzel or we have tails as the little mermaid. But I love to talk about the girl who just simply love hard, then move on from all those hardships. She knew how to handle pain on her own and as she smiles infront of people on the streets, she knew that she doesn’t need any other prince charming but her dad alone. But her dad is long gone now, and so she’s searching for a love no one could find. She’s unpredictable. Not your ideal girl.



Words are not enough to mend me, to help me. It’s been a year since you lied to us, and now that I’m near to the finish line, I want to shout every little pain you brought to us. To me. Life is as bad as day goes by, it’s just pointless. The day you woke up will be the same day you’ll try to love those people who don’t care. I hated days that are full of fake people and unending dramas. People gave you advices you could not even take heart because they doesn’t really understand. They will just make fun of your pain. Of everything that demonizing the person in you. People will leave you reckless, helpless and full of doubt about yourself. You will love them then make you feel worthless as hell. You will find yourself crying yourself out in the middle of damn night without reasons. Life hurts. I wouldn’t mind if people could even read me through my smile but hey, no one even cared. They just love you when they need you. And in most cases, will pay attention when they’ve done wrong. People are heartless. They just possess a muscle that pumps blood inside them. There is no such thing as love for them. And so, I’ll try to find it. But where do love resides?

Idea of Me


Maybe, just maybe, you don’t love me. You just love the idea of loving me. The way I make you feel better in the middle of our conversation.The way we talked about our past that we usually laughed at. But I love you. Love the way you looked at me in the middle of watching movies, or the way you asked me if I’m okay when silence filled me. You make me feel less sad, less alone. You lessen every pretentious masks I wear as I laughed with you inside our time machine. Your home is a new world. Where I can act freely without those eyes that are haunting me, judging me – I love you. And I hated 12am when I met you. Cause it’s always the end of the day for me to see you. But I love to wake up during 11 pm. Cause that would be the time, I’ll see you walking closer to me, saying hello, smiling at me. You are my remedy. But as time goes by, I just feel less important And maybe I’m just over reacting right now, but maybe it’s because I’m searching for love I once had before.

A Bit of Sunset

  • IMG_8565

I waited here.

Under the tree where we used to laugh our worlds out. We both share dreams here where honesty and love resides. We changed worlds but the birds chirping above this tree keeps on singing melodies of you and me. Hey, will you be able to come back? Leaves got tired, they all shattered. Birds flew away and all I have now is a little bit of sunset, and our arid fantasies.

– dith

Through the Eye


Before I got you, somebody told me that you already have a girl inside you. And no one could ever replace a girl that has been  your world for three years. So I hugged you. And tell you how much I cared. You cried, I smiled. I’ve never been so inlove with the wolf’s eyes. So tell me now, how to unlove a wild beast inside you, If you roared like you’re going to eat up a weak girl infront you. Forgive me. I’m lost.



We are tired of all the promises we believed when we fell in love. Tired of all those curses we heard from someone that we keep for years now. Tired of all those leaving. I don’t need someone that comes back. I want someone who stays. Someone I could share my life without the fear of holding back, of letting me down, of giving me up. I don’t need someone who has all the given titles the world could offer. I just need someone who could be so honest about his weakness and flaws that makes him so wonderful. I don’t need a saint. I need someone who could turn all of these fears into adventures. These tears into joy. And if ever you’ll find me reciting every poems I have to spoke, hear me out for I will give my best to tell you how much I love you in a most romantic way. I will write a lot of memories we will be having. I will turn every summer into rainy days, our storms into a world full of rainbows and unicorns. We’ll catch every stars on the galaxy.  The world will give us up because it cannot contain two people that could love each other in a way that even universe cannot tell. So please, hold my hand and let us jump in to every doubts we have and talk about life. Yea. Let us talk about the core of the earth and every little weird things that I could question here on earth that is just as simple as a booger in the morning.

Forget Me


I want to ask you so many questions about your life. How you ended up being so in love with poetry and arts. But how?
If you’re afar, holding an axe in your hands. I was afraid to tell you that I could calm all the living monsters inside you, but you keep on asking me to let you go. You are not defined by the tattoos you used to curved in your own skin, nor the smoke you love every night to feel relax out of all those screams. But hey, let me enter into your world full of misadventures and series. I’d be willing to pick up puzzles to see your whole life’s pictures and stories Just let me in. Let me show you what you deserve. Hey, little fragile heart, come with me and let us fly along the stars of the night. Feel free to laugh the pain you’ve been feeling for a year now. I’ll offer you blood from the veins I have and show you how hard the world became. To those who knew how to love. To those who could be so insane about sacrifice. But I’ll stop in the middle of the ground. Forget me for I’ll be an angel of disguise. I’ll be gone for now, and promise me to remember all my smiles.

Thank you for the night.
Please find me in the dark.