I’m Ready 2019

I looked back to all my old posts and I came to realized how emotional and selfcentered I was back then. Well to tell you the truth I was really am. haha. For those years that I’ve been so sad and been frustrated about life, this year changed me to a whole different person. Not really sure if it’s because I’ts already adulting year for me but maybe because I am now maturing. Finally! Haha.

This year has been good to me to think that I finished college and got a new job, earned some money and get to see new people,pay more bills and travel to some places. It’s indeed a great year if you’ll gonna look on the brighter side. And I’m really thankful tho. I used to be different antisocial girl in the corner before but I get to know more people now and hopefully this new year will be so much better. It’s not abandoning my dear precious introverted style but welcoming opportunities and higher dreams by getting myself out.

Just so well you know people, I’m doing good with my life cause God put so much love in my heart for me to forgive more people and to face all my fears and anxiety. to make life so easy and to do more with less. I am highly favored and this year will be a great year. The best is yetto come dear, keep on pushing the red button. Go on and dance the right steps, eat the cake you love, confess your love for someone, make time for yourself, treat people with respect and most importantly, give up revenge. Be free. Have a great year ahead!

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