This heart beats for His people.

I was thinking how will I spend my pre valentine celebration for my heart. So I spend my day inside the hospital. There’s no one I could visit inside (thankful) but I just sit there with chocolates on my lap,watching people walked by. There’s an ache as I see people crying while they carry their loved ones sitting in a wheelchair. Or a mother crying while her baby cries before going to the operation room. Seeing someone without feet at all, or talking to a stranger but I couldn’t answer their questions. I was sitting there just overwhelmed about everything that the Lord laid before my eyes. I asked the Lord if he’s also aching for his people. But my stubbornness hit me cause I already know the answer. He knows every details of a person’s heart. But this experience made me realize how short life can be. So be grateful that you have a good health. Enjoy a life worth living and stop comparing the shoes they’re wearing from the shoes you are destined to wear. Laugh to make someone smile for a day. Give little things that will cheer those who are hopeless with their situation. Let these people get some hi. No matter how happy the world outside this love celebration, I will still love to feel the joy of comforting those who are weak and talking to random people about their day. Love is more than chocolates and roses. Love will be an action without validation.


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