I do really love seeing someone happy, but looking to myself I could possibly say that “I am really happy”. Happy though there are some trials I have to face this time to stregthen my faith. Happy inspite of all those past I have to forget. And at last! Happy because the Lord has given me enough courage to face everything with that big smile.

We really can’t be happy if we constantly try to be happy. Yeah that’s right. Happiness can’t be forced and it can’t be masked with a fake smile. Eyes always speak. I believe that if you’re sad, then cry it out. If you feel damn bad about anything then shout it out. You have to be true to your soul. To that fragile part you have. But, happiness can be manifested only if we bring out our childish old self.

I still enjoy coloring books that children usually do. Nah . I’m not being a kid here, hey, why not?

You can still eat a lot of lollipops and buy cute socks you used to have when you’re little. You can still swing at the playground and slide along with children who are enjoying their first try. Remember everything that makes you happy before. Those simple things that could possibly bring out fun and excitement inside you. I won’t actually judge you! Haha I’ll play with you!



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