108 Words For You



I could write a thousand poems for you to find me in the middle of verses
I could print it in a notebook for you to feel the heartbeat of every words of my past tenses
You used to smile at me before all of these agony turned into cases
But please bare with my stuttered voice as I shout to the world all of my broken pieces
Hey, could you try to look at me with all your faces?
So that I’ll see a love that I used to dream with stars and traces
Let’s walk on the moon and try not to float in different phases
I’ll hold your hand even the world threw us all of those curses


Can’t be


I see you driving your old car in the    pavements of the 14th street
You called me but I pretend not to hear you at all.
Remembering your presence makes me so weak that I have to spoke
All the memories i have to remember and told,
That I am not the same girl You used to hold in an artwork
I can’t be the same thing you ignored a thousand times to escape what has been hidden for more.
I can’t be your alice in a wonderland who you could hypnotize into childhood fantasies
And I can’t be the same reason for you to dump an innocent heart back to its misery



Well the best part of loving you is the way you used to call me your own.
You possess a galaxy inside your hand and held it tight as it is shown
You can bring the madness inside me when all of my fears collides into sore
You created a world where being a saint isn’t as bad as some prayers ask for more
You are the coffee that keeps me alive as I waited for
The time we’ll meet in the middle of the shore



I love to write the pain I always have. Stories that only the pillow in my room could hear as I cry unceasingly in the middle of night. I love to put my heart into words and my cry into songs. I love to dance the craziest old little songs. Feeling. Filling everything that’s been so heavy, memorizing all the good pictures of past and fury. Calling out all the under rated part of all my stories. I am cold in the middle of summer. Summer that I considered as storm. Person, that I used to be my world. But love is greater than the plot and twist of the master author. It is something that could really be so wrong. To believe that stories ends in tragedy and begins with great fantasies. I couldn’t try to direct my own floor. You act as if we’re strangers in a Romeo and Juliet scenario. But make me end this with a heart that forgives you for so long.



You called the atom of of all the gases that are unseen
It exploded like a star bursting into lights of our speen
We can be the best in the world that matters
We occupy the space of our hearts that can’t be gathered
We have the exact mass of the art that you always utter
But we are weightless till we fall apart and shattered



I really don’t know how it feels like to be your galaxy. Again.

I forgot all the constellations we’ve watched to form every line of disguise.

We escaped the world and rode the fastest star that brought us to our own milky way.

We couldn’t just stop laughing at aliens playing around the circles of saturn.

We also you used to slide along the comet tails we saw between our space

But all stars meant to die.

We can no longer find ways to swim along the bright light of the sun.

It seems forever that we couldn’t try to spy around.

But It is hard.

To believe that I am the pluto you once loved.




I do really love seeing someone happy, but looking to myself I could possibly say that “I am really happy”. Happy though there are some trials I have to face this time to stregthen my faith. Happy inspite of all those past I have to forget. And at last! Happy because the Lord has given me enough courage to face everything with that big smile.

We really can’t be happy if we constantly try to be happy. Yeah that’s right. Happiness can’t be forced and it can’t be masked with a fake smile. Eyes always speak. I believe that if you’re sad, then cry it out. If you feel damn bad about anything then shout it out. You have to be true to your soul. To that fragile part you have. But, happiness can be manifested only if we bring out our childish old self.

I still enjoy coloring books that children usually do. Nah . I’m not being a kid here, hey, why not?

You can still eat a lot of lollipops and buy cute socks you used to have when you’re little. You can still swing at the playground and slide along with children who are enjoying their first try. Remember everything that makes you happy before. Those simple things that could possibly bring out fun and excitement inside you. I won’t actually judge you! Haha I’ll play with you!