To the girl I always love.

You are the strongest girl I ever know. The greatest gift God could ever give. Your  eyes always shine as it look at people’s good heart rather than their stains. You are indescribable and the best sister I never had. You keep on smiling ,laughing and cherishing every little things because you’re a keeper and if someone would hurt you again, my fists are ready. Yes, maybe there are times that you’re crying for the same reasons but your tears will be my greatest weakness. You don’t deserve all those pains, and tho my shoulders are small, you can still lie on them too. You keep on inspiring me always to be a better person and to live the dreams I dreamnt. Thank you for being my great companion, my bestfriend, my buddy, you will always be my bellcricket. And only both of us could understand what does it mean. I love you and happy birthday.

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