Still Breathing


I just keep on strumming until it hurts, until I just stopped. I just loved the way it feels whenever I feel the music out of my chest, it feels like a great comfort and pain in disguise. Reminding myself that these songs I keep on singing will vanish someday, and it will fade into oblivion of nothingness. That everything will be okay, and all those tears of yesterday will be just a random memory of my own myseries. You may be knocked down many times but you can listen. Listen to those people who reminds you how great and awesome you are. Tho sometimes, you will be summoned into memories of betrayal and shame, let the past take care itself. Learn to trust people again and open new doors of hope and friendships, of love and possibilities.

If ever you feel so alone right now, let me tell you this, let’s enjoy the night and listen to ourself, to our own voice that keeps on screaming inside, that keeps on singing our life stories. Listen to yourself and feel free to breath in and out, ohh. That was awesome, yeah like that. You should be happy and dwell into endless dreams of our present situation.


2 Replies to “Still Breathing”

  1. Music is indeed a window, even a door, to the soul. I’m sure that’s why the Bible says God is enthroned on the praises of His people. When we are honest in music, with ourselves, with others, with God, He brings healing, peace, and joy.

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