I know you’ve been tired asking yourself if forgiveness will be worth a try. If forgiveness will be better if you just try, but yes, forgive them but never stay again. Stay to those dark moments of should I forgive or forget, should I give a chance or not, but no, believe me, you are worth the risk. No matter how long you will be healed or how many times you forgive, never come back to the place where things get broken and bruised. Never beg for a stare or a chance to make everyone stay. Never let yourself be killed by your own kindness by showing your vulnerable, undecided heart.

You’ve been torn apart, so guard your heart and be at peace. Keep yourself from being inlove with the devil’s smile. Do not keep an eye to an angel face looking at you that was truly a lie. Do not come back and be gone for a while. Learn to forgive yourself because there’s nothing wrong with you. There is nothing worth a third chance in this world. We all mess up but forgiveness is an equivalent equation to freedom, so forgive then begin again.

Begin again and learn from all those years that taught you to be brave, to be forgiving and strong. You’ve been tired, and that’s okay. Stars still shine at day.

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