Mold me


You can’t grow a dead flower.
You may be the busiest person on earth but you can’t bring back what is already gone. A broken vase will never be whole again, but its form will forever be glass. You may be broken down, but your form will be forever human blood and soul. You may be torn out but your form will be forever good and wonderful. You may be different through time but you will be the same form you were yesterday. You can’t be just as who you are because you are formed to be different. You are formed to do incredible things. You might not know, but before you were formed in your mother’s womb, God already knew you. You’re basically formed and not destroyed. You are formed, shaped and cared because you are whole. No one can destroy that form. You’ll be shape differently here in this world, but you can’t escape the reality of how God formed you. You are whole. Yes you are. No matter how hard to consider changes, but changes are creative aspects of the world. You will be changed, the way you speak, run, dance, sing, think, love and even decide. But you are already formed. Your name is written in His hands and believe me, you are whole. He’s just MOLDING YOU. You’re not broken. You are whole. Trust the potter, YOU ARE A CLAY.

2 Replies to “Mold me”

  1. Wonderful. I have meditated on this often. The funny part is, we often look over the shoulder of the Master Potter and say things like: You’re not shaping fast enough. You’re not changing it the right way. You’re doing it wrong. Wouldn’t it be nice if we put more trust into the Master Potter’s hands?

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