Things I’ll Keep In Mind


1. This is the ultimate year to leave what is behind and strain forward for what is ahead. Do not dwell in the past and stop replaying all those scenarios in your head. You are not bound to look back and beg for a stare.

2. Love people but show them that you are worthy of respect; do not let yourself be taken for granted. Loving yourself is the door to make people love you. if you don’t love yourself, then what do you expect from other people?

3. It is okay to be weak and a cry baby sometimes. But do it privately. Best times are the times when you could dry your own tears and be strong for yourself. You don’t always need someone to cry on. God is enough.

4. You just have to be true to yourself, whatever you wanna say to anyone, be honest and tell them. No matter how hurtful words may seem, it’s okay to be honest and admit what’s wrong

5. Respect other people’s time. Do not be late. If you could respect their time, then you’re a keeper. Do I make sense?

6. You can be what you want to be. People became miserable when they can’t achieve what they want, so do the best and bring back the crown.

7. Not everyone can be trusted. Well, don’t trust yourself either, because sometimes being so fully confident of yourself could be suffocating. Do not trust yourself if you doubt a little, and do not trust  people easily if you don’t know them well.

8. It’s okay to say no. It’s not a crime to say no, you better say it right instead of making them expect anything from you. That will really hurts for them.

9. let your yes be yes and your no be no. If you said yes or no, be faithful to your promises. People are great thinkers and if you break their trust, then you’re … 

10. Love yourself and never doubt about what you can achieve. When it comes to dream, be constant and never regret achieving things even if it still unclear.

11.. Submit to Authorities. No matter who they are, leaders should be respected. That’s the rule.

12. Optimism is a choice. Positivity is a great motivation.

13. Never be fooled by anyone. Never, ever, ever, ever be fooled by anyone, even those who are making fake accounts just to fool you. Yikes, 

14. Never stop learning.Keep on reading and improve yourself in every aspects of life, there might be some “jack of all trades” thingy but atleast.

15.Be different, do not conform to the standards of this world. Trends can be foolish sometimes, but focus on what is beneficial than what is trending.

16. The best is yet to come. Do not settle for less. Never.

17. Failure is normal, it’s actually a great teacher. Failure is part of a great success. So cheer up cause it doesn’t mean that you’re a failure.

18.Do not let anyone look down on you because you are young. Maturity is not about your age, and being young doesn’t mean being  a nobody. Stand up for yourself.

19. Be matured but never forget to keep that child-like-faith. That faith will help you hope for better days and great outcomes.

20.Always pray for a discerning spirit, because heart can be deceiving. Heart will deceive you every time you feel like it’s the right thing, but you’ll regret after, because you’ll be deceive. 

21. Be nice for no reason. Simple as that.

22. Never chase for anyone to stay in your life, Let them go, they don’t deserve you. 

23. Let God steal the show, Bring Him all the glory,praise ad honor. You own nothing. Let him be glorified, His name, not your name. 

24.If you did good, do not let anyone know that. Crystal clear, cause if you really want to help, why would you let anyone know? But maybe for some sort of inspiration, but never brag for it. it won’t help.

25. Be confident to show the world what you’ve got. 

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