Dream That Counts

judith pho1

I am a daydreamer, looking beyond perfection, pretending that I’m a great robot that could manage to time travel. And that’s great, Whoahh. But you know that it’s impossible. Really impossible, but why do people limit themselves to dream big dreams?

My original dream is to be an architect, cause I really loved it whenever I see buildings, great landscapes and even wonderful houses sketched in a paper or in a blueprint. Ohh, I don’t know what I’m talking about    right now but yeah, that was just a dream. I was about to pursue that dream and I had already passed an entrance exam at TUP back then, but my mother refused. She basically hate my decision. That time, I was really frustrated and regretful because of all the possibilities that might come my way, but never mind. Right now, I am about to graduate next year as an AB COMM major and I actually love that course though. I am really into writing, journalism, film making, photography and other stuff, but my failure to pursue what I want seems very unclear. I feel empty and a bit sad, because since I regret not to fight for that course, I stopped drawing anything.

Eventually, one simple move could change a dreamer’s choice, but at least you tried your best, may be your best isn’t good enough, but don’t feel bad. You might think about the possibilities if you fight for your right to dream, yes you failed to reach that but that doesn’t mean that God will not prepare something good on your way.  Dreams must be limitless, no matter how small you dream, no matter how rough the world has become, dreaming will be your great escape, your great hope, that someday, you will be the person you wanted to become. That someday, you’ll be great, better than you already imagined. Keep on dreaming, no matter how stupid it may look for some people, work silently, then achieve tremendously. You never know that the struggles you experienced will be other people’s great inspiration.

I changed my dreams, not because it’s unreachable but because God has a greater plan, He could bring good music out of a broken chords and that’s what I loved about His plans for me. It is different from mine, it’s uniquely made, I would definitely follow our game plan. No matter how hard, no matter how far. I’ll create my own world of wonders, then rock the world with a smile.

Thank You.

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