When I was in Elementary, I am afraid to try anything that will surely welcome me to certain changes that I am scared of. Until one day, I tried. I tried writing an article about why do I wanted to join our school newspaper. I never expect that my teacher would notice my way of delivering my thoughts into writing. Even I, did not believed in myself right then. But he trust me. I was assigned to the feature articles and I am really scared that time to write a new article that would make another impact. Someone believed in me. Someone tried to notice me. That was the happiest moment of my elementary days. We were trained and I almost skipped classes to write endlessly because I will be the school’s representative for feature writing contest for the district level. That was my first time and I experienced having my article crumpled in front of me because that was not a good one. I almost doubt that time if I could really make it. Like, hey, I never been to any School’s Press Conference before. Some of my colleagues were really good at writing but I feel small about myself that time. My mom did not even support me to join cause she told me that I can’t do that.( but we’re good now).

Until the day of judgement came. Haha.
Butterflies in my stomach did not stop bothering me and I’m fucking nervous and my hands were shaking. We only have 1 hour to write an article about our unforgettable experience. I chose to write about our vacation in Bi col( but actually that was my grandfather’s burial that time, but I never mentioned that). I feel low after writing that piece but I have to trust God. After 2 hours, my teacher hugged me. And that was the warmest hug I ever had. He thanked me and told me that I was the champion. I cried that time because I never imagined myself winning that place. I was just a girl who tried to pass an article, but. I was just speechless. While I was crying, I thanked Sir. Vidallo for believing that I could really be a cream of the crop. He’s the first teacher who inspired me to get out of my comfort zone.
Thank you Sir. for trusting a shy introvert student like me. And if you’re dreaming a little make it bigger. Make it something that will shock anyone who’s been looking down on you. That was the beginning of my journey. On how I overcome my own fears. That by trying something new, I realized how good it is to leave mediocrity and embrace challenges.

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