Rain reminds me of you. Every little things that would help me remember how hard to avoid the raindrops that have been falling from the sky. I hated rain when you lied to me. I hated the rain when she died. I hated the rain when I waited for a ride. I hated the rain when it comes. I hated the rain when I was pretending not to cry. I don’t know why, but I started to hate it when I realized that I love the sunshine.

You used to tell me how hard it is for you to rain during summer, but I love it when it rains unexpectedly. You used to ask me pointless questions about the stars and the sky, but I just smile whenever I answered it and you believe me that it’s true. You used to love what I hate, while I was hating what you loved. We have some differences and that makes us incredible.

Things changed and you start to hate what I hate and love what I hate. Until you love every hate you have and left the girl you hate. Sounds redundant? Cause you just let me feel how hard it is to love me. Give me a piece. A piece of myself that I lost in you. Maybe that would be enough for me to love myself again. To remember my worth, while walking away from that shameful situation I’ve been. Give me that piece, until I find myself again, laughing, smiling, and sincerely doing my passion without the hatred that’s been killing me inside. Give me that, and I’ll promise to love again. To believe and try again. Give me that last piece that you’ve thrown away. Pick that up and give it to me. Here’s my forgiveness and put that piece in my heart. And maybe, if I feel that piece again, I’ll be free. Free from all those memories. From those unforgettable moments of you and me. Let me have that, and I’ll be happy to go away from this near death experience.

And if someday, I’ll see you again and I’m already whole, I’ll thank you for that piece you returned. Never will I hold back again and repeat all those scenes. I’ll come to you and thank you sincerely, without any hate. I’ll start to hate the rain, because I realized that sunshine is way too better. It’s warm and I couldn’t help but to enjoy its rays. It makes my heart flutter. But whenever it rains, I’ll try not to avoid its presence. For rain thought me how to love warmth rather than cold.

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