It is Okay to be WEAK Sometimes


             Yeah, It is really okay to be weak sometimes, to be on your knees begging for some  chance that you promised you”ll surely do. Perhaps, not every people gives a second chance. Most of them are tired of hearing your unending promises and that’s the reality my dear. BUT it is really okay to cry, to give up and to move forward. It is okay to feel down, to realized that you’ll never get everything you want. Knowing that you have the courage  to fight, some people will not gonna fight with you. You sometimes fought alone and that’s okay. Tho many scars you have right now indicates how you survived from all those battles, it still hurts right? And I will tell you right now that you are not alone. You are not alone facing those kind of pain, desperately trying to give out all those efforts to heal but still not enough.

             But our stories will never get old, I will still hope for the day that these wounds that have been so long to be healed will  soon disappear. That all these painful words you curved here in my heart will be a masterpiece. That all these memories that reminds me how weak I was will just become a part of my history. That all these words I am typing right now will become the rhythm of my past. I’m not gonna take myself out of this dark  room. Because someday, someone will turn on the lights and show me that it is worth it. That I am now free. Free from all those heartbreaking truths that you make me believe. I will be free. Yes I will,, and if someday, only scars  can be seen, only smile can be captured,  I will thank you for those dark days you made me feel. I will thank you for those tears I cried to ease the pain. It is okay to be weak sometimes, if being strong is all you did for a long time.

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