Hey, Thanks!


To the one I once loved.

Thank you for leaving. Thank you for reminding me how awful it is to be with you. Thank you for the realization that I am enough, that tho you quit, I finally proved myself that I’m not a quitter. Thank you for those crazy memories we’ve shared together while you’re playing my heart to be crushed. Thank you for those unending chitchats and foolish talk we had. I’m thankful that you left. I have many reasons to be thankful and I’ll continue until it hurts no more. Thank you for believing that I can be easily fooled, that whenever you make me feel stupid by following you, I realized that I am indeed foolish. Foolish to the idea of love. To that crap that I’ve been dreaming since you came. But thank you for those advices that hit me and actually made a diffeence. Thank you for changing me into a new person that will never be dragged down whenever they want. Thank you for those immeasurable gifts of self-worth that I received from you but makes me feel so small. Thank you for all those things that made me realized that I don’t need to be validated by you. That my worth isn’t about how you see me but how I see myself as a person. I hate you but thank you.

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