You have to deal with your own darkness. Sometimes, it took a lot of pain for you to believe that there’s a cure. It took a lot of scar to understand that beauty is from within. And it took a lot of time to realize that happiness isn’t found in one person. There may be questions that you keep on asking yourself, but still left unanswered. Some answers that you thought would be the real ones are just pretentious lies to make you believe that it’s meant to be. You have to deal with your own darkness. I will tell you that you are enough. Nothing’s wrong with you, no don’t ever think that you will never be loved. No, don’t ever think that you’re not worthy of all the respect you always dreamnt of. No. Don’t try to illuminate yourself into thinking that no one will love you again. You are beautiful, my dear self. You are indeed wonderful.
We have our own unique types of pain. Perhaps, those pain are incredible. Isn’t it? Overcoming those kind of heartbreaking experience is a relief, but how to deal with suicidal thoughts when the STORY YOU WERE ON MAY NOT EVEN BE A BETTER FEELING TO YOURSELF. That the fact that you yourself know the stories you’ve been enduring for the past few months are silently killing you inside. Pain. Demands. To. Be. Felt.
And if ever you’re dealing with your own kind of darkness right now, let’s hope. Yes, hope, that someday, soon we’ll be free. From all the chains that binds us into thinking that we are not enough. That we don’t deserve it. Let’s be hopeful, but endure it. Endure everynight of silent screams and endless cries. Endure it. Then cry again, write again, it’s okay. I’ts okay to be a sucker sometimes, it’s okay to be weak and admit how foolish you became. It’s okay to deal with all those sharp words that breaks your heart. Yeah, it’s fucking okay. To learn to let go and move on. It’s okay. It’s okay. Don’t let yourself feel the same pain. It’s okay. Pick yourself up. Wipe those tears. It’s okay to be in that dark sometimes.

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