1. I loved tears. I love tears. I will love tears. As I heard him crying so hard to make me stay, I loved him more. Love covers all the measures of pain we’ve been feeling. What makes you stay? 

Maybe love can be unfair sometimes. We could not choose the day when we used to admire someone so much until it captivates our soul for so long. It maybe good to feel how we become happy over simple things until we collide into the idea of actually loving a person without hesitation. 

But how could I ask you to love me if you can’t even appreciate that I exist. Your smile makes my heart flutter as it continue to beat without you hearing it. It’s not over yet. I’ll continue annoying you until you get mad at me, if it’s the only way for you to stay. Keep on hesitating. Keep on thinking that I’m in pain. Keep on believing that I’m still hoping, that one day, you’ll love me back. Keep on seeing me pretending happy infront of you and him. Keep on hurting me. Hesitate and come back to me. Come back to me if he’s been busy and you have no one to talk to. Come back whenever you feel alone . I’m just right here, ready to hold your hands if you were cold. I’ll drive you home. 

Give me a chance to be with you and let’s create memories that will remind you that I exist. Show me sometimes that we can’t just be friends. That I could be your man. Hey Jackson. I love you. And if loving you would make you hesitate, then look at me. Not just to make me feel okay but to make me feel that I can be your man. Please stay and hesitate. 

But I have to go now. Please be happy. Do not let your life gets boring. Ride a bicycle. Go on a park. Eat everything you want. Annoy everyone. Show them what you’ve got. Believe in your self. Be a writer and make people enjoy your company. Let them love you. But let me go this time. 

I know you’ll miss me and every little chit chats we’ve talked about. Every street foods we’ve been enjoying to eat. Every night we get drunk and laugh as if I pushes you but I’m not. Everytime you cried. Those days we shared the same paths of on and off. Hey, miss me okay? I’m in pain to go and change my life again. Please don’t change. You’re pretty whether your hair is done or not. 

You are beautiful. And thank you for hesitating. 


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