Bahaghari or in english, RAINBOW. That’s totally our title for our dokyu short and it’s about the views and opinions of different religions about LGBT community. Actually, this was the idea of Earl, our presentor who is also a part of LGBT. Our purpose here is to let people know differences based on the faith of selected people from Catholics, Iglesia, Mormons and Jesus is Lord. 

This experience is quite challenging because it was my first time entering different churches and dealing with different people with different faiths. We are talking about diversity here and I could say that they’re too accomodating and nice. I never been to Iglesia before and their deep thoughts about their faith can surely moved you into some questions about beliefs.

Then we go to Mormons, they’re not too strict there but they’re nice tho. I’m not gonna tell about their opinions about the lgbt community but I want to tell you this: they share the same bible verses and used the same bible that unites them as a religion. Yes, they have their integrity in terms of their faith but I loved the way they prayed for us. They were sincere enough to think about us and I do really appreciate their kind heart to accomodate us even tho were not one of them. LGBT community deserves respect  and love, and yes, they are different but differences make us humans. They are the ones who needs to be loved and attend churches because actually, sometimes we used to condemn them. We need to accept them to our churches because they should know that God loves them. Not their sins or whatever it is hindering them from drawing close to God. 

Diversity. It is a word that describe differences of people. That no matter who you are in the society, you deserve the same respect as the others. That if you’re a gay, it doesn’t mean that you can’t be in church and you’re not supposed to worship the Lord. Love is something we could use to divide our opinions into unity that everyone is different yet they still belong. I liked to hug them all. Actually we could love them in any forms. 


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