Life is special. And so is you. There may be times when you wanna think how messy your hair, how gruesome are the movies you’ve watched, how grumpy things end, how insulting a person was. But. A liitle bit of but always haunt us to the point of doubt. But gives us the thinking of, “I could have done it but..”
You definitely doubt yourself the first time you said the word “but”. It is a deadly word for me because it could hurt anyone whose been ready yet, unsure of themselves. It is both an excuse and basically sometimes a way for you to improve yourself. It is an excuse for people who sees themselves on the middle of nowhere to go. An unexplainable thought of should I continue or quit? Do I have to do that or not? Do I have to prove something or not? But nothing will happen. 

Everything will fall on its places and no one could ever stop the moment where the only place you can hide your pain is you alone. And if you find yourself again, nursing your own wounds, you’ll still mend yourself in a corner and continue to breath and ask yourself why? Why do you have to believe buts’ ?why do we have to show the world how hypocrite we are to hurt ourself while being happy for other people? Why do we keep on being happy for others while forgetting the fact that we are lonely inside our creepy side. 

Why do we keep on illuminating ourself into our endless expectations that we could be happy yet broken. We could be grateful yet complainant. We could be good yet rude as well. 

These questions give me the guts to say, okay, I’ll do it anyways. No buts and doubts. 

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