Amidst all pain this whole week, there’s no way I could skip this one. Haha. We’re having our Sine-Dokyu Festival on the same day of our EDPSYCOM week and Thesis defense is at hand. Behold, so much stress is coming. Thinking all about my seven subjects with all those outputs to be passed on time, I could say that this will be my hell sem. Okay, I’m serious about it and I do really love it. Shootings, practices,ambush interviews, radio and tv productions, shitty thesis, newspaper, photographs, educational program, developmental program, okay I’m still alive. Am I? 

These things gave me the courage to love what I chose. I chose to be an AB Comm and it’s challenging tho. Haha may be for other people this idea creeps out of their mind, this was totally awesome. I believe that you won’t get tired of anything as long as you love and enjoy it. And maybe that’s what I’m feeling right now. I love it!

Let’s talk about being passionate. Sometimes, we thought endless times of passing the exams, getting an A+ or totally being a nerd? But do we really love it? Or we just do it for the sake of our pretentious grades😂. Nah. 

But to be honest, yes. Maybe?

Oftentimes, I do that for the sake of bringing up my ego that hey! I memorized all the terms on the book. I will totally get high grades! Haha. We all do that ! But having deep reason why I did these things passionately is totally good. Being an introverted human with shy voice who couldn’t say what she wanna say, or suggest what she want to be an outcome is driving me nuts. I’m sometimes stupid enough to admit it but hell, yeah why am I like this?. But now? I changed a lot and I know that this is the best version of me. Talking to my groupmates, hugging them, laughing loud, eating lunch with them, and lastly taking pictures to ease myself from all the stress in life. So here we are…

Placid Production with Rolyn,Tine, Janine,Jyssa and me. Jump 😂hey 

While doing our thesis. And helping out each other. We’re not totally groupmates but hey, overnight is totally fun. 

During our Campelikula😂 I forgot the name of the speakers but I learned a lot from them. 😂

Our very own, Short film and Dokyu-short. 😄 

Thinking about it makes me wanna smile because finally, we’ll be having our third sine dokyu festival and I’m totally excited. I’m gonna tell stories about our documentary after this and I hope that it could raise voices out of the box. ☺ 


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