Happy Valentines Dear

Hey we celebrate valentines day today with bitterness ohh come on pips. Lots of guys brought flowers and chocolates while the single people suffered in jealousy( well, not all of them exclude me😂). Actually celebrating this kind of “season of love” is really great for all of us. We taught about the person we cherish and greet them with baloons, cakes, chocolates even witg cards. Carved in a piece of paper are words beyond “i love you” sarranghae”, “te amo”, it sumo” or whatever language you could probably use to tell them how you sincerely love them. I’m into writing valentines cards since I was a child back then, until now, I still do. I’ve wrote 3 letters to my 3 special friends. I’m glad they appreciate it.😚 For someone who always wanted to be loved back, that’s quite made my day. Ohh we also have our meeting for sine-dokyu festival and I loved the team effort. We named our production into something that really defined us, “PLACID” haha that was good. Cause almost everyone of us are quiet . Haha. 

Then we sink..

Let’s go back to our Valentines. Though people would think of it as a simple day of giving gifts and love, for me, it’s an epidemic. You heard it right!. It’s an epidemic of unavoidable, undescribable type of love. You don’t know when you would fall inlove with people. It just come out ! Out of the blue! That was awesome! We really looked beyond perfection and sees the one we loved that they are irreplacable. That they are indeed good at making us fall into their endless magic that brings us into paradise of joy and gratitude. Feeling it until it burst into the motion of our cellulite and every nerves that connects us into our senses. Do I make sense here? Well it’s my blog anyway, I don’t care. Love is not a war between races of people. White or black, Christian or Muslim, Straight or Homosexual. Hey people, it’s about loving anyway. God doesn’t ask you to be perfect to be loved. He loves us no matter who we are. 

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