Woderfully Made

Good things come to those who patiently wait and since valentines is near,then I’m going to go with this topic. This may sound cliche’ but have you experienced being inlove with yourself? Or should I say, have you fallen inlove with yourself several times? Haha. Just to make it exciting, let’s do some meditation about our own being. 
Loving yourself requires acceptance of everything that God has already given you. The Lord did not make a mistake creating your flat, pointed nose or whatever it looks like. He created it with a greater purpose. Little did you know how many people on this earth loved that kind of nose. I’m kidding. But seriously, everyone deserves a piece of acceptance to appreciate every fabric of our souls. I love the way mandisa gave inspiration to those black women whose been battling with self acceptance. Even Beth Moore whose been best seller for her book “So Long Insecurities”. Reading books promoting self-love is just good for our soul. It’s better than anything. Haha. Girls struggle with what real beauty looks like. Do we need to look like Kim Kardasian? What about Selena Gomez? If we’re going to be like them then should we be satisfied?.

In the Philippines, we see Liza Soberano as one of the most beautiful whether with or without make up. She’s naturally beautiful. To be honest, most of our atists here are half blood. They were vampires!. Hahha. Just joking. They have blood from their foreign mother/father. That was totally the nature here in choosing artists, ” they should be beautiful”. That was the standard of beauty that most of us pursues . Because we think that it might help us be loved by everybody. But remember, even Liza has bashers. It may not too serious to talk about but advertisements created standards on what products we should used. There comes so many products that promises to have whiter or pimple free skin. Supplements that could loose pounds or syrups that could make you grow like the Paras brothers. Yikes.

People pursue to be “what they see on television” where in reality, even fake beauty can be edited. Figures can be deceitful. That’s how advertisements work, they would make us believe that being beautiful and pimple free is important. That being white is being beautiful. Being tall is great. You’re ugly when you don’t wear make up. You’re not pleasing when you’re fat or thin. You’re a boy if you don’t have bigger boobs. Oh come on people, let’s stop being so perfectionist. Embrace yourself for how original you can be. I always ended up believing this:

” You are fearfully and wonderfully made”

Believe me, you are indeed woderful. You’re suweeeeeg. You’re unique and no one could replace being you in this world. No matter how you look, be confident. You reign on your own whether with or without people making you feel loved.

Hey woderful, smile!

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