Weaker Version

You can’t be rude, unless you don’t know that person well. While hearing those stories, it makes me.wanna cry for a moment. Those are not just ordinary life stories. Actually I never met people like them whose life have been so hard? I can’t say if it was hard but needless to say, they’re funny and happy whenever you’ll see them giggling with their friends. Instead of remembering those pretty hard moments they tend to laugh and show the world that they can’t be defeated. I really loved them because of that. Seeing  weaker version of them shows me that I should be nicer to people even though how rude or miserable they treated me. Yes, they could hurt me but understanding them behind their mask is  great compassion. We sometimes say what negative thoughts we have for a person without trying to know them deeply. Maybe this is just one of the nature of human endeavor,

“If it doesn’t please us, we choose hate”

Instead of love, we hate a person based on how they looked? How they impress or hurt us. How they talked? Based on their english speaking skills, on how rich or poor they are, how they dress, how skinny? What degrees they have and most especially how good they are. 

We forget to look beyond the curtains of life. And deny the fact that without those degree in college, beautiful face, skinny skin, fabulous dress, money and their skills , they won’t be the same person anymore. We created labels on how we should judge or perceive someone. If they did not pass your standard, then they’ll be the lowest people that you could drop down on the ground if ya know how to be a devil. 

Whenever I passed by people whether inside the malls or on the streets, I wanted to say how much I valued their existence. They matter. No matter what products you sell, what kind of smell they have, how good or bad they looked that day, how sure or unsure they were with their life, 

” They matter”

Making them feel that you respect them is enough. Everyone deserve that. Not because for the sake of doing that but because you’re all humans. You all matter. 

While writing this, I thought of the people in Luneta. Some were dating, ( cause valentines is near) some were having time with their families, some were students who were practicing but some were sleeping on the ground. Seeing those unfortunate people made me realized that, people are all in the same world. We could not boast about anything on anyone. We’re not higher or lower than anybody. All those people are having fun inside of that park, and one thing is for sure. 

” Happiness if free for anyone ”

Spread love, spread happiness, stop living the standards of this world, believe me , It won’t make you happy. Let us leave the weaker version of us here. Here in the dark. 

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