I am currently avoiding negative people in my life right now. Tho it may be defensive but I demand peace. Hell yeah give me peace. I’ve read articles about delayed graduation and it really inspires me rn to go with this topic. I just love it! Out of 3 students, one of them will be experiencing delayed graduation. That was according to the source. If you’re going to ask me why I wrote this, the reason is I’m one one of them. Though things may not fall into places right now. I know that in the right moment I’mm gonna wear that black suit that signifies all the hardships, eyebags, sleepless nights I’ve experienced all throughout those years. Being one of the breadwinner will be my own inspiration to carry all these burdens inside me. Somebody’s looking at me while typing this shit. It’s really awkward. I hope he’ll stop. We’ve gone to The Manila Times College a while ago and that was awesome. Ate Micah of TMTC is only 23 year old yet she has her own part of the newspaper. She’s been speaking about it until I realized, you can be someone at a very young age. I’m not gonna waste any time and I’ll strive hard to be one of a kind. And then when I get back to school to unwine, mick told me about being too nice. We were telling our first impression they said what was expected. 

“I’m too nice”

I told them about how I overthink over simple things and I was so happy to hear that. They feel how I felt but they advised me not to do that because nobody cares if I was thingking about it. Anyway, I love their company, for making me feel good about myself though I don’t really feel it. And yeah, just a lesson for them, I SHOULD NOT BE TOO NICE! 

This day is pretty quite good because first, I was happy that we’re totally near to finish our thesis. Second, I have meaningful conversation this day. Third, I was able to talk to all of my “true” friends. I was writing this for me to remember that inspite of every bad day I’ve had these past few weeks, God is so gracious to bring good people into my life. They were few yet it’s just heartwarming to be with them. 

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