Be Stupid 

I’ve never been an open book to some but believe me, if I trust you then congratulations. I’m just being fair to myself while I hide all these. Just to say it right, I just hated trusting humans. It’s been two years when someone told me how good I was to admit my mistakes in a numb way. Like, whuutttt??? Did you just say, “numb?” Basically, It was too insulting,  but anyone who would hear that probably cringe at a moment. Which is very defensive for me to slapped him away with my sword-like tongue. Actually, if you’re going to think of it, that was a compliment. Right now, I was giggling because of this topic because it’s too good to be true. While seeing the messages from my old classmates really freaks me out. Wahhhhhh!!.
Mistakes make us humans. Though it’s a negative trait to be done. Just a simple reminder, confessing that you really don’t know something is not stupidity. That’s actually learning to unlearn the act of the ” all- knowing, sophisticated big headed human endeavor who lives in a jar of pride and superiority”( if you know what I mean. Whenever I met people whose standards are high as the mount everest, trust me, I’ll hate that person. Just to be true, I hate seeing pretentious people in some lovely faces. Which is very common now in our society. I remembered my professor told us ubout “smart shaming” – about shaming those smart folks tho they don’t really brag for their achievements etsetera. That’s totally the opposite of what I was saying. And yes, I’m talking about the bragging rights of any individual. Hate me or love me but I don’t care. If you knew yourself that you’re ignorant about that topic then, you’re not gonna die if you’ll say it straight to the point you bragger!  

You’re not supposed to know everything and I am fond to corrections. I love corrections and if ever I would look stupid or innocent in front of anyone, then I don’t care. Learning tnew hings from the expert is really exciting and maybe that’s why my superiors loved to teach me, cause I look stupid anyway. Haha. Telling you these will sound weird but give me the benefit of the doubt. 

Try to do these and you’ll learn the unimaginably facts about the world. Open new doors and create bigger dreams by leaving the throne of pride and deception. Dethrone yourself while humbly accepting what you know nothing about. Be competetive with yourself not with anyone whose been doing the ” I know everything” stupidity. 

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