Waking up in a cold and brezzy morning is my favourite. Though it feels like I’m about to catch a cold now. Yikes. Everyday is my day and believe me I love mornings but night reading is the best. It makes me feel like I have been flying in the sky full of stars while drinking a lot of tea to boost the inner air that lifts me up.Rememebering my childhood about mornings, makes me freak out like..
” I missed it like, can I go back there?”

It was 3′ o clock in the morning and it was our neighbor’s wedding day. I was thinking how weddings works here in the world. I never have an idea how weddings should be celebrated. ( Don’t hate me, I’m just a child right then). 

Until my curiosity hits me and I just imagined how it works. Weddings are located at the sky and a guy and a girl would picked up stars to give it to one another. ( blame the stairway to heaven) haha. That was totally crazy but believe me, as my little imagination told me, that was how I imagined weddings before. 

Sooooo, what will be our topic now? It will be about commitment. This is a great word that always reminds me of endless promises and holding hands. When you commit into something, it is required that you’d do your duty and you can’t escape to it till the end of time. (*evil laughs) haha. But as a matter of fact, marriages are exchanging vows with someone whom you see yourself to be with for the rest of your life. But why do people get divorced? That’s the thing about love. It make us feel excited that we wanted to get it until after knowing that person for so long, we just wanted to leave them hanging into commitment that you promised to be death to set you apart. Whatever! If you really wanted to commit then take your words then prove it. Unlearn the idea of, ” Babe it’s not you, it’s me”. Just a little reminder, I’m not bitter, I’m just stating what I almost observed for 20 years of my life here on earth. Duhhh. For someone who has been jailed into thinking that people always change, I believe that God created marriage for a great purpose. But people stained it until the world won’t believe that it exist. 

– okay. I’m just angry right now to tell you this. If you love your family then do not do anything that might hurt and destroy them. Mistresses should be cursed but, how can we forgive someone who destroys a family that has been good for years. There’s no point of having many lovers yet your child cursed you. I hate that. The idea of secretly engaging yourself into someone you’re not commited at is just STUPID. I’ll tell you all the stupid things and make you feel how it hurts to be abandoned just for someone who are just using your money for granted. 

Let’s chill out. How to forgive again? Can you? Then teach me how. 

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