Just write

My story isn’t about just words that come up to my head and clicked by my hand. 
It is different from yours. Yet it’s ironic to be true. People in my life changes and it can never be stopped. Change is the only constant thing in this world. What if I could bring back the past? On how happy or simple life could be? If only I could. Noticing these things makes me wanna cry cause it’s the opposite of joy I have had before. As I grew old, everything seems complicated and miserable and I was thinking if it would be my punishment for all the things I did wrong. But no, I still believe that it’s still part of the ” GREAT PLAN”

When things get wrong and you have no one to talk to, write. When sadness haunts you to cry alone, then write. And whenever you’re feeling like life is so unfair to be like this, write. This will be my escape, to a world that has been so tiring and nerve breaking. To a life that became an endless screams of why people destroys one another. To a heart that has been deceived and torn out so many times. Just write. Then give the piece of yourself to empty words and cracking voice. Be at peace now. Inhale and exhale. Everything you’ve been praying for will be answered. There may be pain in the night but remember that joy comes in the morning. Let those smiles change the way the morning comes. And never let the dark drag you again into the pit of despair and loneliness. Fear the idea of waking up and crying again. Know that you worth every second of your life. Feel the moment while hope rises. This day is your day and something good is going to happen. Believe in your dreams as you catch them with the grasp of the hands that has been stocked in your pocket. Don’t be afraid to try the things that could make you happy. Share what you have and fight for what really belongs to you. Now that you’ve heard these words, hear me out. 
You are not alone-fighting to live a life. Everyone here is struggling, I could prove you that what you’ve been doing to please the crowd won’t do anything good to you. You’re only feeding your ego while forgetting yourself in a trash. Life is beautiful to be lived by you. And if you’re a booger, I tell you , I’ll first choose you and get you out there. Enjoy your own company. Read books, listen to Mandisa, share good memories, drink healthy, eat healthy and smile like there’s no tomorrow. You could be anyone inside the beauty of your dreams. You’re a princess, but hell yeah I forgot that you’re already the queen. Are you okay now? .

Then write. 

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