You are worth looking at

Sometimes we win, sometimes we learn.

This will be my mantra, sometimes we win but most of the time we loose and that was the time we should learn. Right now I was haunted into thinking that if we win practically in life, it indicates how we manage our self freely. Yes, freely, without any people giving any comments about our decisions. Now that I will be graduating next year, I was planning to apply a job and save money for my future vacation. Oh that’s my dream anyway. So going back to our little chit-chat about winning in life, you should take the positive and leave those pretty negative lies about yourself. Probably, thinking about those would only lead to self-pity and that might kill your inner confidence. Speaking of confidence, you should be one of a kind, stop living other people’s dramatic, unrealistic and filtered life. Understand that for some reasons, you could live a good life out of a dream that you yourself have. Don’t be over confident about how you look, sometimes you should think that there are people who are better than you. Never brag for something you did not really have. Promote self-love and always think that you are indeed beautiful.

Whenever I came up with this kind of thinking, usually I ate what I preach. Not because I was a hypocrite, it’s just because sometimes I just need some time to apply it myself. You never know the struggle of doing your own advice. But now that it is pretty cool to talk about it, I have something to tell you. You are not who they think you are. You are what you think you are. If you’re always looking at the mirror you’ll always see the same thing so cherish the person in front you. She sees you differently, not whatever comments others have imprinted in you. Show the world that you can be what you wanna be. More than what they expected you to become. And if ever you came back to your dark room, try to press the lights on. You are worth looking at. Look at the mirror again and tell yourself that ” You are fearfully and wonderfully made”. You’d been too hard for yourself for so long. Try to make a change and share yourself for the benefits of others. You never knew how far you’ll become. I’m proud of who you become.


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