You are worth looking at

Sometimes we win, sometimes we learn.

This will be my mantra, sometimes we win but most of the time we loose and that was the time we should learn. Right now I was haunted into thinking that if we win practically in life, it indicates how we manage our self freely. Yes, freely, without any people giving any comments about our decisions. Now that I will be graduating next year, I was planning to apply a job and save money for my future vacation. Oh that’s my dream anyway. So going back to our little chit-chat about winning in life, you should take the positive and leave those pretty negative lies about yourself. Probably, thinking about those would only lead to self-pity and that might kill your inner confidence. Speaking of confidence, you should be one of a kind, stop living other people’s dramatic, unrealistic and filtered life. Understand that for some reasons, you could live a good life out of a dream that you yourself have. Don’t be over confident about how you look, sometimes you should think that there are people who are better than you. Never brag for something you did not really have. Promote self-love and always think that you are indeed beautiful.

Whenever I came up with this kind of thinking, usually I ate what I preach. Not because I was a hypocrite, it’s just because sometimes I just need some time to apply it myself. You never know the struggle of doing your own advice. But now that it is pretty cool to talk about it, I have something to tell you. You are not who they think you are. You are what you think you are. If you’re always looking at the mirror you’ll always see the same thing so cherish the person in front you. She sees you differently, not whatever comments others have imprinted in you. Show the world that you can be what you wanna be. More than what they expected you to become. And if ever you came back to your dark room, try to press the lights on. You are worth looking at. Look at the mirror again and tell yourself that ” You are fearfully and wonderfully made”. You’d been too hard for yourself for so long. Try to make a change and share yourself for the benefits of others. You never knew how far you’ll become. I’m proud of who you become.




Do you see good in every people? Or should I say, do you really see people good? There is a big difference about being good and being kind. Kindness is somewhat good for those persons with fluffy heart and understanding spirit. While goodness can be seen to those who will choose to do good even no one will recognized it. Now that we already know the difference, let us tackle about loving. Do you do anything to impress the ones you love? Maybe I could consider it one of the impacts on why they love you, but what if you did not do it, can you say that they will stay? That was a depressing question right? Basically, if you’re going to deduce the kindness you can do to your friends, will they really stay or they’ll back stab you with every secrets you told them about. Frankly, that would be the case but think of it anyway. I just want to bring you into a situation by which you will feel like you’re living the characters I portrayed. What if it will happen? Will you survive? Forget it.
For the sake of telling you the truth, you can be kind, yet people will surely take you for granted. They’ll use you until nothing will be left in you. Be careful and take note of that. Taking sides with you will be helpful so there it is. Have you imagined yourself loving someone who directly insult you and degrades you in front of many people? Not really, right? It is because we just tend to love those who could probably love us back and these are realities. So, how to love the unlovable? Always believe that every person, no matter how rude, bad, or insulting they were, they still got this childish, mellow, innocent heart inside them.Believe me, everyone have that. They’re just afraid to show it because hiding in a mask of hatred becomes their guard to be strong. You just have to find out how to see that inner kindness. It takes time to love them but being good to them helps. Try to take these words: ” Promote what you love instead of loving what you hate”. No matter how bad they were, love is the key to be good.


Comguild Seminar


           He started from police beat reporting and that was great. He shared a lot about his experiences about risking his life to look for Atom Araulo during the Yolanda surge. It was pretty quite good story because reporters are passionate with their job even to the point of risking their own lives. No story is worth your life. I agree with him because no matter how good the news was, if you’re going to be buried with your own regrets then that would be misery.

Pocholo Gonzales

  Oh I do really him and his voice, he’s really good at impersonating voices of famous personalities. He even could imitate Kuya’s voice from the PBB. Seeing his son performing on stage makes me wanna shout ” hey you’re so cute!”. Pocholo Gonzales also has a great sense of humor, he could makes us laugh so hard with his jokes. He also stated these words: You start small then you achieve better.

Carmela “Mel” Tiangco

Responsible and ethical Journalism 

Truth must be your lifestyle. If not, then you should quit the media life~  

You should understand the part of media is also the part of being in the side of truth. As part of media you should try new things and be the part of change. Have an advocacy so that you will be happy with what you’re doing. Like what Ms. Mel Tiangco said, when you have the connection to connect with people, then use it to help them and if those little things will bring you closer to your mission then be advocate of change.        Then if you already have the guts to do it then do it. She just gone 2 weeks after she applied from work so you can as well. And for some reasons, we must understand that when we have to be what we want, others opinion should not matter as well as their rigid lies.


Her videos are fantastically believable. He puts a lot of efforts to show some common sense to some issues that we might think differently. Super funny ng videos niya.Grabe yung tawa ko mga 100.😂. Basta napaka galing ng utak nila ng Director niya. Hahaha. Pero kahit ganun sooooppppeeer happy akong nakita ko siya. Na hindi ako nabigo pumunta ng Comguild. Si Maam Donna grabe nakapagpapicture pa☺

Mr. Ted Failon

            I have seen Ted Failon last year and he’s saying the same words last year. haha

Atom Araullo

Super gwapo ni Atom Araullo at kitang kita naman sa picture na yan na pinagkakaguluhan siya. Nakaka overwhelmed. Grabity talaga. Kahit di na siya sa News ngayon? I’m still thankful kasi nakita ko at best “Male Field Reporter” pa

Mariz Umali

With Joanne Obeja and jenny Ballinan. Photo credits to Angeline Dice

Next year hopefully makasama uli pero sana andun na si Jessica Soho. Taon taon ko na lang siya inaabangan:'(
That’s all.