Lola Citang


As i looked at you inside the cascett ,I still see the beautiful face that gives me the courage to care and to understand. Your lips that smiles at me whenever I tell jokes that were not really funny as it seems. Your hair that you wanted to be fixed and combed. Your eyes that talks louder than your voice. Your nose that are pointed, that smells my childhood sweat. I always tell you  how pointed your nose while mine is flat. Your ears that hears every cry, every stories I tell whenever I get home bullied. Your voice that sings a lullaby for me to fell asleep. As I held your hand for the last time, i still feel the touch of motherly love who never sleeps whenever I was afraid or ill. As I feel your heart, not beating, not breathing, I still hear your love. I will miss your hug, our morning prayers and even our sincerest talks, your stories and even those times you’re anger burst when I’m hurt. I love you nay and those moments with you, those are for keeps. Your body may rest but I know I will see you again and I’ll still see your smile. I’ll still be with you worshiping the God who never leave us.

From your grandchild,

#lola #grandmother #love

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