You could’ve been better


Those little times I treasured was not worth my effort. I just realized that people suffered from heartache because of selflessness. But that was a good investment to earn. They don’t know how to value themselves.

They don’t know how to be resilient.

Now that I discovered it, people nowadays became hard to their self and acts like they were have been victimize by their own actions. . They fight for a fight that isn’t working. When the truth is, they have no one to compete with. When they have no problems, they will create one. Until they feed their minds with depression and some stuffs that isn’t existing.They chose to love than to be knowledgeable. They suffered to what decision they chose and blame others because no one understands them. They should be responsive.

They make these imaginary personalities and blame people why they actually did that stupid stuff. As a matter of fact, you could see their lifestyle change and criticize their opposite side until they were proven crazy. Life is a simple x and y. You should live with the choices you’ve made and if you ended up unhappy, then it’s because of the choices you’ve made. Don’t blame anyone else for the ignorance you performed without thinking its consequences.Show yourself that beyond those stupidity you could grow more in to someone that they never expect you to be. Try to be true and stop acting like you are the protagonist of the show. Being truthful is not a crime. If you are planning to say sorry about everything  that you’ve done for the past 2 years, then go and ask for forgiveness. Being humble won’t do any harm so do it anyway. Your present situation will surely lead you somewhere safe and peaceful. Try to create yourself a lovely place, a home by which you could show them how you appreciate yourself as how God made you to be. You’re not an actor living in a film that no one even cares. Show yourself some class and stand up no matter how you look, how you smell, or even how people perceive you. Be true and the world will surely shine with you. You could’ve been better.


Lola Citang


As i looked at you inside the cascett ,I still see the beautiful face that gives me the courage to care and to understand. Your lips that smiles at me whenever I tell jokes that were not really funny as it seems. Your hair that you wanted to be fixed and combed. Your eyes that talks louder than your voice. Your nose that are pointed, that smells my childhood sweat. I always tell you  how pointed your nose while mine is flat. Your ears that hears every cry, every stories I tell whenever I get home bullied. Your voice that sings a lullaby for me to fell asleep. As I held your hand for the last time, i still feel the touch of motherly love who never sleeps whenever I was afraid or ill. As I feel your heart, not beating, not breathing, I still hear your love. I will miss your hug, our morning prayers and even our sincerest talks, your stories and even those times you’re anger burst when I’m hurt. I love you nay and those moments with you, those are for keeps. Your body may rest but I know I will see you again and I’ll still see your smile. I’ll still be with you worshiping the God who never leave us.

From your grandchild,

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She Died. 

Salamat inay sa lahat ng naitulong mo samin. Sa pag aalaga at paghahatid nung kinder kami. Sa pagpapasensya nung mga araw na nagtatrantums kami. 20 years kitang nakasama sa buhay ko at masakit man na 20 days kita nakasama matapos yung birthday ko. Thank you for fighting. For smiling till the end. Thank you for teaching me how to pray. For showing me how faith works. For showing a great example of a passionate believer of Christ na lumabo man ang mata, magbabasa pa rin ng bible. Nung bata ako umiiyak ako kapag nauwi ka ng bicol. Pero ngayon iiyak ako kasi may uuwian ka rin pero di na sa bicol. Thankful po kami sa buhay mo:'( pahinga ka na inay, salamat sa paghawak sa kamay at pagngiti. Salmaat po sa countless memories na di ko mabilang. At sa lahat ng memories natin, eto na yung pinakamasakit . Mamimiss namin yung maruya, yung paggupit mo sa buhok namin, yung pagsasaway, yung praise and worship kahit hatinggabi, yung oregano kapag maysipon kami, yung pagiging lola na nanay pa:'(. We love you nana Citang. ❤