She is indeed a great inspiration, her book reminds me of myself when I was a child. Having a miserable life in school, being bullied, being forgotten, alone, and most of the time, no one cared about. Pattie is really a strong woman to overcome her addiction to drugs and other worldly things. Thinking about her as a mother of famous Justin Bieber really gave me a goosebumps. Do you know why? because I already have the chance to know one of the great person behind this guy whose voice captivates my ear. I first heard his song when I was first year in Highschool and I could say that he is my crush right then. After reading this book, I searched his videos singing Christian songs and I admired him more now. Actually, Pattie wanted to abort Justin because she’s in a very young age to be a mother. Plus his husband abandoned her after knowing that she’s pregnant. That was a depressing moment of her life until a Pastor helped her overcome the struggles through sharing Jesus into her life. Their story gives me the courage to continue living and sharing my life to others. Maybe, if Pattie continued the abortion, then there would be no ” Me plus you, lemme tell you one time” and ” Baby you should go and love yourself” . I really love them that I almost forgot to eat breakfast just to finish her book. God is really awesome in bringing ruins into life. He can moved into anyone’s life mystreiously and with great compassion. He’s not deaf to hear our sincerest prayer and cry for help. God answers in silence and through a prayer, he comforts those who are afflicted. Turn your eyes unto God and you will feel his presence and his real love that never gets old.

Seeing other people knowing the Lord makes me feel like yeah, this world has the chance to change and know how great God is but only few recognized and accept the calling. As one of the believer, we should live not according to what the world say or what the society dictates us. We should live not any longer to the patterns of this world.Life is great so is the  LORD.




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